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Why Caboo

Why choose Caboo?

• Caboo is user friendly – no assistance required baby can easily be put in and taken out by one person

• Very easy to use – pops on over head, like a t-shirt: simply pull fabric through rings to tighten

• Correct Physiological (frog legged ) position, baby is held high and close, excellent support for baby’s developing hips, head, neck and spine

• Closeness from day one…may be used straight from birth (5lbs upwards)

• Fully adjustable to fit most adults and body shapes

• Wide soft straps – distribute baby’s weight evenly for extra comfort and reduced strain for the wearer

• Hands free carrying whether indoors or out and about

• Multiple front carrying positions including upright and nursing/ cradle position

• Caboos are small and compact to store or pack when travelling

• All fabrics dyed using Oeko – Tex dyes, guaranteed harmless to infants

• Easy to care for – machine washable